Second Screen & Live TV Football Workshop

Held on 5 December 2014 at The Royal Geographical Society, London

Led by Ege Sezen, HighWire CDT Student, Lancaster University

The Digital Economy Network (DEN) funded this half-day workshop, led by HighWire CDT Student Ege Sezen, which focused on the digital research areas of Second Screen, TV and Football.

Ege, as a CDT student at Lancaster University, was successful in being awarded £1000 of funding from the EPSRC-funded DEN Call for Collaborative Events  (Theme 4), which was issued in Summer 2014.

The aim of the event, held on 5 December 2014 in London, was to generate ideas and prototypes regarding to the ideal ‘Second Screen’ user experience, in order to enhance the watching experience of live TV football matches. Since the phenomenon, ‘Second Screen’, involves different disciplines such as design, computing and media studies, the proposed event was considered to play a role to boost the encouragement to cross-disciplinary collaboration among researchers in the Network, as well as attracting potential engagement with the relevant industry.

Ege, who has since gone on to successfully complete his PhD in December 2017, produced a Second Screen & Live TV Football Workshop post event report, which summaries the activity and outcomes from the day.


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