The workshop leaders and presenters for this one-day workshop are as follows:

Harriet “Alfie” Cameron: Alfie is a human geographer and cyborg, studying with the Horizon CDT at the University of Nottingham, working with the Nottingham Contemporary to technologically enhance relationships between audiences and cultural venues. Background in space, place, identity and culture, particularly digital culture and communities. Core to research is post-structural feminism and queer anarchism (I stole that line from Velvet), and understanding the new dynamics of power in our crazy, late
modern world. HMU harriet.cameron@nottingham.ac.uk and/or @AlfieNotAlfie

Luke Skarth-Hayley: Luke is a coder and maker studying in the Horizon “My Life in Data” PhD Programme, and is based in the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham. Luke is partnered with the BBC, is exploring the use of game engines for responsive media in the liminal space between television and games, and has an interest in decentralisation and using of space to reframe narrative. Luke comes equipped with ten years of IT experience, BA Philosophy, MSc Computer Science, writing in fiction and non-fiction, and realistic eagle-eye action. You can contact him via luke.skarth-hayley@nottingham.ac.uk or on Twitter @lukeskarth.

Velvet Spors: Velvet Spors is a creative technologist and PhD researcher at the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham, based in the Horizon CDT. They are currently investigating digital self-care technologies in a public setting (in partnership with the National Videogame Museum). Their research foci are empathy in technology, playfulness and implicit interconnectedness between people. Queer anarchism and intersectional feminism are central to their work. They can be reached on twitter @niceotherwise or via email velvet.spors@nottingham.ac.uk.

Hanne Wagner: Hanne Wagner is digital economy researcher in the Mixed Reality Lab, with a background in politics, international relations, law and psychology, and is currently completing her PhD in the Digital Economy at Horizon CDT. Hanne’s research interests include the relationship between technology and political behaviour, how video games and other technologies can be used as tools for learning and engagement, how they can increase political interest and knowledge, and HCI and video game design in political and governmental environments. You can contact Hanne via email: hanne.wagner@nottingham.ac.uk.

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