CDT alumni start-up helps solve Data Scientist demand

After completing her PhD in Computational Cognitive Science at the Centre for Financial Computing & Analytics at UCL, CDT graduate Paula Parpart has co-founded an innovative start-up to provide tech companies with access to an elite network of data scientists and AI experts to meet their data challenges.

Brainpool manages a pool of circa 120 top-level data scientists and AI experts, both in the UK and worldwide, which is made up of a combination of PhD students, post-doc researchers, and academics from world-class universities.

These experts come from top research institutes, with experience of working for tech giants such as Google DeepMind and Palantir, and the areas of  expertise that can be delivered include:

  • machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • optimisation
  • financial modelling
  • software engineering
  • business analytics
  • social network analysis
  • behavioural insights.

The aim of Brainpool is to provide a specialist task force, that are able to jet in at short notice as “super-star” data scientists. These individuals are able to solve businesses’ most pressing and exciting data problems, ranging from building recommendation engines,  incorporating the latest machine vision deep learning algorithms,  natural language processing,  hierarchical Bayesian modelling of election outcomes and designing behavioural interventions for preventing fraud and crimes.

CEO Paula says: “For PhD students and supervisors, the platform presents a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience applying research to real-world data science projects with large multinationals, SME’s and exciting start-ups.”

Brainpool also offers great flexibility for academics, with team projects, solo assignments, part-time and full-time projects available.

CTO Peter Bebbington, also a recent CDT PhD student in Physics at UCL, says: “What I love about Brainpool is that data scientists can get on with the work instead of doing paperwork!”

Kasia Borowska, Head of Marketing at Brainpool, explains that Brainpool does more than just solve client projects – “we also aim to foster a strong AI community and encourage exchange of ideas”.

In order to do this, the start-up team host regular pub socials and events where ‘Brainpoolers’ can meet and learn from each other. Paula explains that even academic publications are promoted at Brainpool. The motto is “We want to build the biggest machine learning lab in the world.”

For more information, visit: and you can follow them on Twitter at //

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