Analytics superstars at University College London

Several CDT students and graduates from the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Financial Computing & Analytics have developed software, products and start-ups to have a resulting beneficial impact on the end-users of their PhD research.

Bridging the gap between data science and software development – Simon Chan
During his PhD in Machine Learning PhD, Simon Chan, together with Thomas Stone, another PhD student at UCL, developed an open-source machine learning server platform, PredictionIO,
a start-up which successfully attracted $2.5m of seed funding in 2014 from various investors. In February 2016, he sold PredictionIO to a global cloud computing customer relationship management company, and continues to share his success story with current CDT students at UCL as a visiting alumni speaker.

Driving consumer health engagement – Rodrigo Mazzora
Rodrigo’s research has achieved societal impact via the development of a health analytics platform, Tictrac. This mHealth innovation allows users to set and track personal activity goals and aims to deliver market-leading engagement for pioneering companies and organisations, helping to solve real underlying human problems that lead to better health.

World class Kaggling – Marios Michailidis
Part-time CDT student Marios is part of an elite group of data scientists, and currently stands second in a global league of 465,000 data scientists on Kaggle, an international predictive modelling platform that allows companies and researchers to post data in order for statisticians and data miners to compete to produce the
best models for their data. Marios has led many analytics projects including the creation of a credit scoring graphical user interface.

Enhancing systematic trading – Sergio Alvarez-Teleña
After leaving industry to join academia, Sergio graduated from the Financial Computing CDT in 2014, after researching how systematic
trading and machine learning can facilitate calibration advancements. The methodology developed as part of his PhD has achieved innovative impact on industry by allowing a financial trader to enhance their online trading performance and user experience. This spin-out product is now being developed by a world-leading bank. Sergio is now Head of Global Strategies & Data Science
at BBVA (a global retail financial group) and CEO at his start-up company, inSCIghts.

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