DEN Theme 5: Community outreach and dissemination

Through the ‘Community Outreach and Dissemination Theme’, DEN aimed to increase participation in community outreach and research dissemination activities, whilst also building upon and collaborating with the significant amount of public engagement activity already taking place within the Digital Economy research arena.

The Network also provided additional support for the DEN community to showcase their research, by taking advantage of existing national events such as Digital Shoreditch, FutureEverything festivals and conferences, and large-scale EPSRC events.

Activities and Events delivered under DEN Theme 5:

  • Digital Economy Research Showcase, 22 October 2014, RichMix, London.
  • Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015 Hackathan Panel: Hackathons: Grassroots Activism or Digital Sweatshops?, 11 May 2015, Shoreditch, London – View the full video of the panel session.
  • FutureEverything Digital Research Outreach Lab, 19 January 2016, Jubilee Conference Centre, University of Nottingham (25 students attended).
  • INTER/SECTIONS 2017, Work Ethics in the Age of Automation: Panel Discussion’, 8 September 2017, Mile End Art Pavilion, London.
  • HackNotts 2017, DEN exhibition stand promoting PhD/EngD studentship opportunities available at DEN member CDTs, November 2017, University of Nottingham.
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