Previous Events

Since it’s launch in April 2014, DEN has funded 25 events for Digital Economy research students and staff. These activities have all been linked with the DEN five themes.

Theme 1:


Sharing best practice

  • DEN Annual Meetings
  • Social Media Advocate Workshops
  • CDT Directors Meetings
  • CDT Managers  Meetings
Theme 2:


Large-scale shared events

Theme 3:


Sustainable impact

  • Digital YES 2015
  • CDT Entrepreneurial competition
Theme 4:


New collaborative initiatives

  • DIY Researchers Colloquium
  • Double Dabble: A feminist day of Making
  • Exploring Common Values
  • Games and Human Values
  • Leading together in the Digital Economy
  • Second Screen and Live TV Football
Theme 5:


Community Outreach/Dissemination

A digital economy network for PhD students in CDTs funded by EPSRC

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