DEN Events

Since it’s launch in April 2014, the Digital Economy Network has funded, supported and delivered a variety of activities relevant to the DEN five themes. So far 44 events have been delivered for CDT students and staff  within the DEN community, including:

  • 5 Digital Economy residential Summer Schools
  • A Digital YES entrepreneurial competition
  • Several two-day writing retreats across the UK.
  • Specialist peer-led collaborative national workshops.

DEN will continue to fund events until the project end date, which is 30 September  2019.

The Network puts equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the heart of all its activities, and we expect our events to accommodate and attract a diverse group of participants as possible. In particular, we ask all DEN events to demonstrate that they have considered EDI in their planning and design, particularly in considering membership of panels or invitations to keynote speakers.

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