Digital Economy Diversity Network


The Digital Economy Diversity Network (DEDN) was launched at the DE Summer School on 4 July 2017  in London by Digital Civics CDT students Angelika Strohmayer and Janis Meissner.

This initiative has been funded by the Digital Economy Network with the aim to help foster long-term engagement between Digital Economy CDT/PhD students through regular diversity working group meetings, hosted by a different DEN CDT each time.

The first meeting took place on Friday 22 September 2017 at the Open Lab at Newcastle University and you can read the blog post to find out what happened at the first session.  In January 2018, PhD students from the Web Science CDT hosted the second DEDN workshop at the University of Southampton on 12 January 2018, with the third meeting taking place at the University of Nottingham on 23 March 2018.

The objectives of the DEDN are to:

  • Promote diversity, equality, and equity within the CDTs and their host research groups and universities.
  • Establish an open culture of sharing experiences and critical perspectives on issues of diversity and equality.
  • Encourage the exchange of good practice in regards to diversity and equality between CDT cohorts.
  • Build links between all DEN CDTs and strengthen the overall network of CDT students.
  • Facilitate cross-CDT exchange across the DEN.
  • Foster cultural change across the Network and within the specific contexts of respective CDTs.

This idea came about from a collaborative proposal submitted by CDT students Angelika Strohmayer, Janis Meissner (both of Open Lab – Newcastle University), Manu Bruggemann (Lancaster University) and Astrid Bin (Queen Mary University of London). The idea was then discussed by a group of PhD students and CDT staff at the Digital Economy Network’s Annual Meeting at the Digital Catapult Centre in London on 1 February 2017.

How to get involved with the DEDN:


For further information or queries- please get in touch via the Digital Economy Diversity Network website, or contact:

DEN would like to thank Angelika, Janis, Manu and Astrid for submitting the proposal and initiating the Diversity Network for the overall benefit of the DEN community and beyond.


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