DEN Funding Calls

Apply for DEN funding: Ongoing open call


Current CDT/PhD students and Early Career Researchers in the Digital Economy Network are able to bid for DEN funding on an ongoing basis, to support activities in the following four DEN theme areas:

  • Large Scale Shared Events (e.g. national and international conferences/symposiums, Summer Schools, Hackathons)
  • Sustainable Impact (e.g. entrepreneurial competitions, knowledge transfer events, industry mentoring)
  • New Collaborative Initiatives (e.g. events/workshops focusing on a particular research area or theme that engage students from across the network, or specific CDTs).
  • Community Outreach and Dissemination (public engagement events, digital research outreach workshops, Digital Shoreditch, public festivals and faires).

Specific DEN ‘Calls for Collaboration’ may also be released at various times, providing details of how much money is available and how to apply. We anticipate that there will be at least one call for collaboration in each theme area every year but this will vary depending on resources and other commitments.

If you have a great idea for a potential DEN activity or event, please contact the Digital Economy Network Mananger. in the first instance.

The Digital Economy Network puts equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the heart of all its activities, and we expect our events to accommodate and attract a diverse group of participants as possible. In particular, we ask all DEN events to demonstrate that they have considered EDI in their planning and design, particularly in considering membership of panels or invitations to keynote speakers.

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