Ten go to Tiree to explore common values

Exploring Common Values: Diving Deeply into the Digital Frontier

Isle of Tiree, Scotland, 8-13 October 2016

The group of 10 digital economy PhD researchers from the HighWire, Horizon – My Life in Data, Digital Civics and Web Science CDTs, who visited the island of Tiree last month, have produced a collective Tiree reflections report, which fellow DEN CDT students and staff can download here.

This informative document includes details of the activities and data collection exercises that were carried out on the remote Scottish island, as well as personal reflections from each of the multi-disciplinary doctoral students. The report also features some great scenic and workshop images that help put the activities in to context.

Thank you to Louise Mullagh, PhD student at HighWire CDT, Lancaster University for producing this report for the benefit of the DEN community.

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